Oppo OW19W8 Smartwatch Review

Oppo made an entry into the market as a smartphone brand but slowly it is expanding its business from smartphone to smartwatch. The newest entry into its list of products is the Oppo OW19W8 smartwatch. Priced at INR 19,990, the Oppo Smartwatch comes with a 1.91 inch OLED screen, with AMOLED flexible dual-curved display. The Oppo Smartwatch brings in Google’s Wear OS. Let’s have a detailed review of this product along with its pros and cons.

Oppo OW19W8 Smartwatch Review: Design and Display

Oppo OW19W8 Smartwatch

Yes, the watch looks similar to Apple Smartwatch. Be the dial, or the strap or some of the watch faces. So it’s clear that this is very much inspired by the Apple watch but there is more to this watch. So let’s talk about that. The Oppo Smartwatch is available in two variants: a 41mm and a 46mm display variant. If you opt for the smaller variant then you may find some slight differences. We will discuss the 46mm variant in this review. The display is beautiful and pretty.

The 1.91” inch dual-curved AMOLED display is right up there to one of the great smartwatch displays that has ever been made to date. The curves make it look even better. The display has a resolution of 402 X (326 ppi) which is one of the highest on any smartwatch wearable.

The touch response is extremely nice and the bezels has been also kept to minimal. The frame is aluminum alloy. On the left, there is a speaker and on the right, there are two buttons. The bottom is plastic with a nice finish and the doom is ceramic where the heart rate sensor is present. The bands are silicon but are of high quality.

Oppo OW19W8 Smartwatch Review:  Software and Performance

Oppo OW19W8 Performance

Oppo smartwatch is powered by two processors. It is having Snapdragon Wear OS 3100 from Qualcomm and it also has Ambiq Apollo 3 processor which is powering the device when it is in battery saving mode. When the device is in full charge, it is using the Wear OS 3100 but when it goes to battery saving mode (basic functionality like step counter) it uses the Ambiq Apollo 3 processor.

It is a very basic and simple UI. That’s one unique functionality of this device. The SD Wear is almost two years old and in fact, SD 4100 is now available but the combination of 1GB of RAM has made it operating system smoother to perform. It has 8GB of internal storage.

It also has GPS, NFC, heart rate sensor, and water resistance of up to 50 meters.

The top swipe brings the notification toggles. The swipe from the right side brings the widgets. The swipe from the bottom brings the notifications and the swipe from the left side brings the Google Assistant. There is a speaker available on the left side which can be used to answer the calls. Even though it is not loud enough but it can be used to answer the calls. Pressing the top-right menu button, the icons become available which are very neat.

Oppo’s color OS version is running on this. There is various fitness functions available in this smartwatch. The lower right button can be configured according to the needs from the settings. Oppo provides a lot of watch faces. GPS functionality works very well. It has very responsive UI and performance looks very good.

Oppo OW19W8 Smartwatch Review: Fitness

Oppo Fitness Tracker

The Oppo OW198W8 comes with many fitness options available. It has a heart rate monitor at the back which checks your pulse and keeps the track of it. The heart-rate monitor tracks your heart rate in continuous real-time. The heart rate monitor and pedometer seemed to work with reasonable accuracy.

Sleep track function is also available but only between 8 pm and 10 am and it is quite accurate too. GPS is in-built to track your running or cycling activities. Fitness tracker, swimming, breathing, and many more are present. Also, many apps can be downloaded via the Google Play Store.

Oppo OW19W8 Smartwatch Review: Battery

The Oppo OW19W8 comes with a 430 mAh capacity battery and Oppo claims around 36 hours of battery life. But, it actually gives roughly around 24 hours of battery life. The device also comes with battery saving mode, where you can use basic functionality with maximum battery backup.

It can be charged up to 50% in just around 15 minutes with the help of Oppo’s VOOC charging. The complete charging takes slightly less than an hour. To conclude the overall battery performance of Oppo OW19W8 is quite good.

Oppo OW19W8 Smartwatch Review: Price and Final Verdict

The Oppo Smartwatch is priced at INR 14,990 for the 41mm version and 19,990 for the 46mm version.

It is a really good android wear smartwatch in this price range. The performance of this smartwatch is excellent and the attractive design makes it easier to recommend. If you are looking for Wear OS, then the Oppo OW19W8 smartwatch is the best to buy in this price range.


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