Three Moto smartwatches launch

The wait is going to end very soon. Moto will launch three smartwatches in 2021; these are Moto watch, Moto watches one, Moto G. Motorola is a US-based company, and it will launch its new smartwatches by the end of 2nd quarter this year.

Three Moto smartwatches to launch in 2021 (Photo Credit: twitter/FelipeBerhau)

Although Motorola is not the most famous brand in the Smartwatch market, they have a solid presence in the wearable market. The company has not released their specifications or features yet, but they release some pictures of these upcoming smartwatches. So, here is some information about these smartwatches is a brief comparison.

Rumors related to the Big Launch:

  • The Moto G smartwatch will probably hit the market in June, whereas Moto Watch and Moto Watch one will launch in July.
  • The Moto Watch is expected to have a square dial (display), the first square dial smartwatch by Motorola. Simultaneously, the Moto Watch One and Moto G are expected to have a circular array. Moto Watch will be more likely to be Apple Smartwatch will the square display.
  • These Motorola Watches are going to have Wear OS by Google wearables.
  • Motorola may release these watches in partner with Qualcomm.
  • Among those watchers, the most expensive one will have 1 GB RAM with Snapdragon Wear 4100.
  • Last year Moto had released their Moto 360 smartwatch with the first circular display. It has a 1.2-inch display screen with 360×360 pixels OLED display and Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor. All these new smartwatches will have some extra features. Moto will confirm the features later.
  • Moto Watch One has a thin frame, where Moto G has a thick frame.
  • All three models are licenses by eBuyNow.
  • The Moto G smartwatch can be the most affordable wearable gadget that will offer great value for money.
  • The Moto G smartphone line-up is famous for its low price and excellent performance. So, we can expect the same from these three models.

These were some of the ongoing rumors related to the upcoming Moto Smartwatches. The news buzzed after some pictures floated on the internet via the twitted handle of Felipe Berhau. As Motorola does not confirm the features and specifications, you have to wait for at least a month or two to know everything about these watches. Until then, please have some patience and keep checking our posts for regular updates.


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