Zeblaze thor 6 smartwatch

Recently, the use of smartwatches has suddenly increased, as watches have become twice as more productive than it was before. As previously, we were using a smartwatch only for tracking time or checking heart rate, and most of the time we need a smartphone for using its function in a proper manner.

However, the dependency of smartphones over smartwatches is decreasing day by day.

Now people need such smartwatches, which can replace their smartphones totally. With such standalone smartwatches, we can able to call, track records, also view and send messages, and many more things like this. So there is a need for a complete smartwatch with all the features similar to a smartphone.

Zeblaze is coming with a smartwatch ‘Thor 6’ which has been loaded with plenty of features. Zeblaze Thor 6 is an upgrade from its predecessor Thor 4 & Thor 5 smartwatch. So let’s review its features one by one.

Zeblaze Thor 6 smartwatch: Introduction

Zeblaze thor 6 smartwatch
Zeblaze Thor 6: A Complete smartwatch!

Zeblaze Thor 6 is the smartwatch that costs less than $250 but it provides a lot of cool features to its users. According to the source, this flagship killer will be the world’s first octa-core 4G Smartwatch with the android 10 operating system. This is one of the best smartwatches with more than 1000+ watch faces! Isn’t is amazing.

You can also get the face recognition feature to unlock your smartwatch, which is a very rare thing in a budget smartwatch. This is a very advanced smartwatch indeed!

With Thor, 6 you can download plenty of apps like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc on your smartwatch. This standalone smartwatch has a Nano-SIM card slot for connecting to the internet. By looking at all these features we can say the Zeblaze Thor 6 is a small smartphone that is situated on your writs.

Zeblaze Thor 6: Overview

This standalone smartwatch comes with a built-in 830 mAh battery. Substantial usage drains the battery of the smartwatch very fast. With casual utilization, the battery of the smartwatch lasts for about 14-16 hours. The battery life could be better but considering Thor 6 price it’s not that bad. The Zeblaze Thor 6 even supports Google Play Store through which a number of apps can be downloaded and installed. You can enjoy games, YouTube, and basically, every app that is available there.

You will also get a 5.0+5.0 dual camera, we understand that a small screen isn’t a place you’d watch videos through but the option is here in case you’d need it. It also comes with built-in apps like a standard phone, message, contacts, browser, calendar, clock, camera, gallery, music, file manager, sound recorder, health (heart rate and pedometer), weather, voice search (Google Assistant), maps and Plays Store.

Zeblaze Thor 6: Design and Build Quality

Zeblaze gave the Thor 6, has a unique design. It somewhat looks like a rugged smartwatch. This round-shaped smartwatch is equipped with dual cameras, one at the side and one at the front. It has a 1.6- inch large screen with a 400*400 HD display. with its brilliant display, you can easily use it both in sunlight and in darkness. Corning Gorilla Glass provides scratch coverage for the screen.

There is a microphone, key button, and 5.0 MP camera on the right side. The speaker is on the left side. On the back is the Samsung heart rate chip, a nano-SIM slot, and pins loading.

Zeblaze Thor 6: Software

Zeblaze Thor 6 will be running on the Android 10 platform. The device is also compliant with IOS devices. The smooth processor of thor6 is ensured with the 4GB RAM.

The machine offers a wide variety of faces to wear each day a new one. You will get more than 1000 watch face in thor 6.

You will get a decent storage option with 64 GB ROM. This allows up to 8000 songs and 10000 images to be stored on the phone.

For Bluetooth earphones, you can listen to music so you don’t have to take your mobile if you want to play outdoors. By the way, thanks to the GPS navigation included in the smartwatch, however, you can monitor your jogging activities when it runs out very quickly on the battery.

Zeblaze Thor 6 : App Store

Thor 6 with App store

This is the one feature which makes the Thor 6 is a complete smartwatch. You can access plenty of google play apps from your watch. There are many apps that you can download from your watch. You just need to connect your smartwatch with the internet to access to your favorite apps. Some of the popular watch apps are Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube. Amazon etc.

Zeblaze Thor 6: Notification reminder

Because Zeblaze Thor 6 warns when someone is calling or texting, no more need to take a smartphone anywhere. Often, when the watch connects to your phone, device alerts appear.

Zeblaze Thor 6: Pros & Cons


  • Affordable price.
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled.
  • Allows inserting a nano-SIM card.
  • Large Storage (64GB)
  • Built-in GPS.
  • 1000+ Watch faces


  • Average Rugged design
  • Less health-related features.

Zeblaze Thor 6: Box Contents

  • Smartwatch itself.
  • Magnetic Charging Dock.
  • USB Cable.
  • 2 Screws.
  • English Manual.
  • Sim ejector pin.

Zeblaze Thor 6: Conclusion

Thor 6 is just launched at Ali express for $219.99. The Zeblaze Thor 6 is a complete smartwatch, it has all the features of a smartphone. However, it lacks in terms of health-related features. We were surprised to see there was no ECG & SpO2 sensor. In view of today’s covid time, Spo2  sensor must be included.

So, if you are in search of buying a good smart-watch, which just works as a phone you can definitely bet on it!


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