Zeblaze Thor 7 Review

Zeblaze THOR 7 will be a 5G smartwatch capable of operating Android and releasing in 2021. this smartwatch features a full-round IPS monitor and is lightweight with a slim shell. The strong Octa-Core Helio P20 processor will have the fastest operating speed and memory capability.

The smartwatch will have an 8MP+8MP dual camera and 5G video features that are ideal for providing quality phone calls and images. Also, face unlock is provided. This smartwatch would not get lost in an unknown location since it integrates not only GPS but also GLONASS, Using Google Maps on your mobile phone.

Zeblaze Thor 7: Design

Thor 7 Review
Zeblaze Thor 7

The Zeblaze Thor 7 will weigh around 80g which is not that bulky for a smartwatch. Like its previous models, the watch will also boast some of the most artistic designs that will blow your minds. It is not that big and will come in a thin and elegant design. This watch will look perfect with any outfit due to its cool design. It will come with a circular shaped dial providing you with the feel of an ordinary watch. Along with that, the watch will also boast a sleek black built of ceramic coupled with a layer of plastic.

This provides the watch with an un-scratchable exterior. It comes with all the necessary points any smartwatch enthusiast would want in his next smartwatch. It comes with an average in-built speaker, a nano-SIM port, and also a heart rate tracker on the bottom. The charging point is engraved on the rear sections.

Zeblaze Thor 7: Display

The watch will come with an IPS panel of 1.6” inches. It will come with a circular shaped dial. It is said to deliver resolutions of up to 400 pixels. What’s more, the watch has an extensive 85% of screen to body ratio.

It also has supported auto-brightness which is pretty convenient for a smartwatch. The Zeblaze Thor 7 comes with a decent size screen which is big enough for an average user. You can also enable the auto turn-on option.

The display provides users with an immersive viewing experience.

Zeblaze THOR 7: Performance & Software

Thor 7 : Performance & Software

The Zeblaze Thor 7 boasts a MediaTek Helio P30 Octa-Core CPU which is clocked at 1.6 GHz. It will come with an Android 10.0 setup which is loaded with multiple smartwatch features. It offers you many latest features including great apps. That’s not all the watch also comes with a massive 128 GB internal storage option, which you will be able to use to store photos, apps, music, and whatnot.

The watch runs very smoothly due to its power-packed processor, you can also use it to browse the internet at times. It will also come with the latest Android Wear features including dark mode, system modification, and beautiful UI enhancements.

It also helps you to run virtually every application and game from the Google Play Store. And as we mentioned earlier, Zeblaze Thor 7 comes with more than enough specs for a smartwatch. So most definitely, you would not notice any issues in consistency and smooth running of applications.

Zeblaze THOR 7: Connectivity

Network connectivity is a must in the upcoming high-end smartwatches as users want to experience a more immersive environment. The Zeblaze Thor 7 offers just that, with the help of its 4G LTE connectivity. The watch comes with a nano-SIM slot that means you can insert any 4G SIM card to your watch and enjoy seamless connectivity. What’s more, the watch also comes with Bluetooth 5.0 support which helps it connect with any android or iOS device seamlessly.

Zeblaze THOR 7 Health and Fitness:

Zeblaze smartwatches are always a complete package of beautiful design and extensive features. The Thor 7 will be coming with many additional health features that can prove to be very useful. The watch comes with a built-in sensor which is used as a step-counter and pedometer. It will also come with multiple sports-modes which will help you track all your sports activity. This smartwatch can also calculate the distance you have walked, wearing it as a pedometer. You can just set a target for step count, using it as a pedometer or step counter.

What makes Thor 7 the best partner for you to gathering and reviewing your activity data to get a healthy body. You can also adjust it to what you need for whatever activity you choose. The watch offers more than ten multi-sport modes included skipping rope, running, basketball, swimming, riding, table tennis, rugby, badminton, and more.

The Zeblaze Thor 7 will also have an accurate heart-rate monitoring feature which will let you track the performance of your heart more efficiently.

Zeblaze Thor 7 Battery and Charging:

The Zeblaze Thor 7 will come with a massive 850mAh battery, but it is fair to fit it into the image. It can last up to three days maximum while you are using it with the built-in network connectivity. Even with GPS and data service turned on, it will easily last up to 60 hours. It takes roughly around 3-hours to charge the Thor 7 which is very less considering its massive battery.


That was all for the Zeblaze Thor 7 Review. This smartwatch comes with many promising features that will add value to your day-to-day life. But the most important thing about this watch is its power-packed performance and amazing connectivity options.

If you want to buy a smartwatch that is a complete package, then waiting for the launch of Zeblaze Thor 7 is something you will not regret.



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