In the past few years, the features of smartwatches have reached the next level. Wrap a GPS watch around your elegant wrist and you are good to go.

With the advancement of technology, all cyclists should look way beyond the cyclic computers mounted on the cycle bars. Cyclic watches give athletes an edge over the handlebar-mounted computer.

It goes wherever you go and tracks all data and activities in one place which makes it the best choice for fitness conscious people.

Why smartwatches?

Smartwatch is ideal wearable for keeping a track of all sports activities may it be cycling, swimming, running, or boating.

A smartwatch is a way to go if you are a cycling novice. They efficiently monitor heart rate, burnt calories, speed, and distance.

Moreover, with this well-designed device, you can be notified of all your notifications without having a mobile nearby.

Features to look for in a smartwatch for cycling

best cycling smartwatches
best cycling smartwatches

Here’s what you should assure before buying a watch.

Reliable GPS

Just like a car driver, cyclists also need a GPS. With the revolution of smartwatches, you can find a GPS in plenty of watches. Before buying one look if its GPS is reliable or not, so you can trace your route and avoid mistakes like missing a turn.

Easy to read

Remember to check the watch’s display and resolution before you choose one. For a cyclist, it is necessary to have a smartwatch whose screen is easily readable even in bright sunlight.

Water Resistance

It is the most important thing to keep in mind when you look for a biking watch. There might be a chance of a heavy downpour when you are on your way to home or somewhere else.

Smooth Touch

To protect yourself from the hassle of stopping your cycle whenever you need to use your watch. Get yourself one with a smooth touch and efficient interface, one that can work even when it is wet.

Heart rate monitor

Nowadays most watches have heart rate sensors this feature is very helpful for athletes. Make sure to buy that watch that has a heart rate tracker so you don’t push yourself beyond your limits.


Go for lightweight watches that go easy on your wrist and can also withstand water. There are many ergonomic watches from stainless steel to silicone straps. A user-friendly watch with holes is the optimal choice for cyclists.

Our top-pick of best cycling smartwatches

1# Suunto 9 Baro

This is a breathtaking smartwatch with astounding features. An ideal choice for a big mile bicycle ride.

Suunto 9 Baro
Suunto 9 Baro

Its impressive battery runs for 120 hours on power-saving mode. Its battery life is well-equipped with all 80 sport profiles and runs for 32 consecutive hours, even with the GPS function.

It is primarily designed with the best touch screen interface, magnificently integrated with GPS into the bezel.

The barometric feature of this watch will keep you updated on upcoming storms and weather trends to ensure a safe ride. The strap of this fitness watch monitors your heart rate and sleep activity accurately.

Add class to your sports look by wearing this robust and durable watch, customized for professional athletes. Check Amazon for its current price.

2# Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

The optimal GPS integrated watch for cycling enthusiasts. This model of the Garmin Fenix series stands out from all other smartwatches and is considered a highly acclaimed watch among sports enthusiasts. What people love most about is its outstanding battery life.

Garmin Fenix 6 Pro
Garmin Fenix 6 Pro

This watch’s battery can run 14 days long without needing to charge it. It monitors blood oxygenation level along with heart rate, which makes it one-in-a-kind.

You can auto-sync it with fitness apps like MyFitnessPal and many more.

Its other versions including, Fenix 6; S, X, along with sapphire, standard, and pro-solar editions are also optimal for cycling. Check out its price at Amazon.

3# Polar Vantage V

If you are looking for an accurate GPS running watch, check out Polar Vantage V. This is an extraordinary multi-functional watch for athletes, runners, and cyclists. It offers a barometer and Recovery pro feature so you can do optimal training without overworking yourself.

Polar Vantage V
Polar Vantage V

It measures accurate wrist measuring heart rate and gold standard optical sensors. Its training load pro provides you with an insight into how training affects your body. This light and the comfortable watch is a highly compatible cycling accessory.

You can also sync it with third-party apps like Strava to practice smart coaching features. For its current price, visit Amazon.

4# Fitbit Iconic

Fitbit Iconic can be your next cycling buddy. Pace yourself to higher performance with the reliable GPS of this elegant watch.

Fitbit Iconic
Fitbit Iconic

With its wrist-based heart rate measurement, get to know your body better. Unlike other smartwatches, this watch is a full-pack fitness device and keeps you focused while cycling.

It’s GPS is synced with the built-in satellite chip to provide you ultimate guidance. Rugged with an impressive design, and high-resolution display, this waterproof watch supports multiple-sports modes.

With its personal coaching and boosted battery life, you can accomplish your goals with ease.

You can also navigate around and see your pace, distance, and even the map of the route you are on. For price details, visit Amazon.

5# Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5

If you are insanely in love with Apple watches, check out Apple Watch Series 5 for a classic cycling experience.

Its screen design entirely focuses on your health and fitness, with its always on-display retina.

It leaves all smartwatches behind with its well-designed ECG feature that accurately monitors your heart rhythm. This Apple watch tracks all your fitness activities and with its fitness tracking app, you can keep in touch with your fitness status.

With upgraded GPS, compass, and ground elevation tracker you can know of all bumps in your route beforehand. Visit Amazon for price information.

Up to you

Above mentioned options are for different budget ranges and are affordable for all. I hope by now you know about all the features you should look for when buying a smartwatch for cycling. Get yourself a wrist band to track your heart rate and enjoy your ride with GPS data to make your cycle ride comfortable and luxurious.


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