Nickel, the silvery metal, is used in many smartwatches and fitness trackers to keep protect them from corrosion. Generally, it is mixed with stainless steel to make it even stronger so a product can last longer. However, some people can’t stand wearing Nickel. This is because Nickel gives skin rashes and results in itchy and broken skin.

Especially in the gym, when you sweat a lot and generate more body heat, it’s easy to get allergy due to nickel metal. So for sensitive skin a Ni- free tracker is must.

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That is why here we bring you the 8 best fitness trackers which won’t cause you any skin irritation and are Nickel-free.

1# MorePro Fitness Tracker

MorePro Fitness Tracker

MorePro smartwatch provides you the data about your heart rate and sleep pattern, which tracks your fitness activities. It can also be connected with your smartphone to save your fitness data all in one place.

The built-in USB plug makes it easy to charge a device where the battery can last up to a week. The watch keeps its wearer free against any skin allergies, so you can put more attention to your workout session and less on getting skin rashes.

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2# Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Tracker

Fitbit Flex 2

When you want a tracker for your aerobics session plus tracking your sleep pattern and other physical activities, Fitbit Flex 2 Fitness Tracker is the one you should get. This is an overall lightweight tracker which is skin-friendly; you don’t have to be scared about getting skin rashes.

Being the best for sensitive skin people, the device can be connected with both iOS and Android. The waterproof feature makes it even more useful and perfect for swimmers.

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3# Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Another addition to sensitive skin is the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 tracker. On the 1.1” screen, you can see data about your heart rate, sleep patterns, and daily steps.

The band remains safe as it comprises a hypoallergenic silicone band. On arrival of any notification, the device vibrates and displays data on the screen.

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4# Garmin vivofit 3

Garmin vivofit 3

Garmin brings a band that is made of silicone, and hence it remains safe for those who develop nickel allergies. The tracker tracks your steps, sleep pattern, and fitness activities.

It sends the data directly to your smartphone app once it is synced with the phone. Additionally, you can view the data at Garmin Connect online.

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5# Jabra Sports Pulse SE

Jabra Sports Pulse SE

When one doesn’t want the hassle of wearing anything on the wrist, opt for the Jabra Sports Pulse SE. The product is about two earbuds only that track your fitness activities as well as let you hear your favorite music.

This non wrist tracker has a  built-in heart rate monitor that measures your heart rate via your inner ear. The fitness tracker is designed for sensitive skin people, plus it gives very little contact to the skin, which makes it even safer to use. The noise-canceling feature lets you focus more on your workout; such a two-in-one deal it is!

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6# Withings Steel HR Sport – 

Withings Steel HR Sport

This is a round dial analog kind of watch that gives a sporty vibe to the wearer. Other than tracking physical activities on the ground, it also helps you underwater while swimming.

The watch strap comprises many holes to secure the strap, which also provides nice breathability. One should always keep the strap clean to keep any skin irritation at bay.

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7# Oura Ring

Oura Ring

How about wearing just a ring that tracks all your fitness ins and outs? With Oura rings, you can have the opportunity to make your wrist tracker free.

Like a regular ring, it goes with your finger and tracks you for sleep pattern, temperature and also spots symptoms of Covid-19.

With this smart jewelry, you can also record your heartbeat, respiratory rate, and other activities. Available in various sizes, you can order whichever color suits your finger and track your fitness with ease.

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1. What are the harmful effects of Nickel on your skin?

Prolonged usage of Nickel on the skin causes rashes or bumps. The allergy develops from redness to blisters and results in itchy skin.

2. Which fitness trackers cause skin allergies?

Trackers from the Fitbit brand are more likely to give skin allergies since they use Nickel in their tracker’s construction. The metal irritates the skin’s surface, which can also enter deeper into the skin.

3. What is RF burn?

RF refers to Radio Frequency that is emitted by various fitness trackers and bands. Long-time wearing of these devices causes the RF to contact your skin tissues which can result in RF burn.

4. Is Fitbit Nickel free?

Various fitness trackers include some amount of Nickel in their bodies. However, the amount of Nickel used in a Fitbit tracker may give the wearer skin allergies, especially if you have sensitive skin.


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