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A stock market is a place where people trade stocks and other securities. It is also the place where a lot of money is made. The most important thing about the stock market is that it provides an opportunity for people to make money from their investments.

A smartwatch can be used to keep track of the stock prices, which means that you don’t have to go through all the trouble of opening up your laptop or phone just to check on them.

A smartwatch can provide investors with real-time information about their portfolio, as well as alerts when there are changes in price or volume that signal a potential opportunity for profit or loss, for example when stocks are about to go up or down.

In addition, they can also be used as a tracker for your fitness objectives like heart rate and calories burned, which makes them more useful than just a timepiece.

Apple watches have a facility for tracking real-time stock prices but what about other smartwatches? So if your watch support wearOS then you need not worry. There are some amazing apps that you can install on your android wear to track stocks, bonds, or even cryptocurrency.

Apple Watch 8

apple watch with stock

Apple watch 8 is a premium smartwatch that is bundled with plenty of useful features. You can monitor your heart rate, Oxygen level, or even ECG using this watch.

There is a pre-install ‘Stocks app’ that will sync with your iPhone device. You can also add and remove stocks right on your Apple Watch. You can choose various data matrices for in-depth analysis of your stock portfolio.

The best thing about Apple Watch 8 is that you can also switch Stocks on your iPhone just by using ‘App Switcher.

Key features:-

  • ECG/EKG Sensor
  • Calling support (with LTE Variant)
  • Interchangeable bands
  • Gesture control features
  • inbuilt microphone and speaker

Garmin Fenix 7

Garmin Fenix 7

Garmin offers a variety of products for all types of athletes including, sports watches, smartwatches, and fitness trackers. Fenix 7 is yet another masterpiece from the company.

This long battery smartwatch is equipped with numerous sensors such as GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, BAROMETRIC, ALTIMETER, etc. The accuracy of its high-quality sensors is pretty impressive.

To track stocks in Fenix 7, you first need to install Stock Ticker Tracker that is available at Garmin connect IQ store. The stocks will refresh once every 5 minutes in this app. The only con is there is no option for tracking cryptocurrency in the stock ticker tracker.

Key features:-

  • 1.3 inch display
  • Accurate GPS sensor
  • Long battery life
  • Incident detection & SOS feature
  • Multiband GNSS Positioning technology

Fossil Gen 5

Fossil Gen 5

Fossil Gen5 is a stylish yet powerful smartwatch. This round-shaped smartwatch runs on wearOS, so you can enjoy almost all the available apps on android wear.

It comes with an in-built microphone and speaker. You can also make and receive calls from the fossil gen 5 smartwatch.

You can install the popular Robinhood app from wearOS to track the stocks. You can view market data in real-time, and build a personalized watchlist. This app also allows you to place an order directly from your smartwatch with a few steps.

Key features:-

  • 1.26 inches amoled display
  • Bluetooth calling support
  • Always on display
  • swim proof smartwatch
  • Sleep tracking

Ticwatch E3

Ticwatch E3

Ticwatch E3 is an affordable wearOS smartwatch. You can buy this smartwatch at as low as $150 from amazon. This budget smartwatch runs on the powerful Snapdragon Wear™ 4100 chipset. For fitness lovers, it has 100+ professional workout modes.

It also supports contactless payment, you can do NFC Payments with Google Pay. It has more than 100 watch faces that you can choose according to your interest.

Similar to fossil, it also runs on WearOS by Google™. So you can install the Robinhood app to follow your stocks and cryptocurrency.

Key features:-

  • 1.3″ High Density Display
  • Customizable watch faces
  • Family health information sharing
  • All-day blood oxygen saturation monitoring
  • 380mAh capacity long battery life

Moto 360 3rd Gen

Moto 360 3rd Gen

Motorola 360 is an affordable yet stylish smartwatch. This watch comes with interchangeable Genuine Leather and High-Impact Sports Bands. It supports Google Pay, Viber, and more; You can avail of music streaming services like Spotify and Shazam.  

The best part of Moto 360 3rd Gen is it has a Quick Charge facility, your watch will be fully charged within 60 Minutes.

You can download Ticker Watchface from the wearOS store. This app has very limited options, however, you can track up to 4 stock symbols on your device.

Key features:-

  • 1.19 inches display
  • Super fast charging
  • Hands-free Scrolling
  • NFC enable smartwatch
  • 8GB internal storage
  • Bluetooth & WIFI connectivity


  1. What are the popular brokerage apps that support wearOS?

There are very few brokerage houses that made their applications for smartwatches. Some of the known names are Robinhood, Motilal Oswal, etc.

2. Is the Stocks App free on Apple watches?

Yes, the Stocks app is free, here you can only check your stock watchlist. You can add or remove your stocks, but can not trade here.

3. Can we trade in stocks with smartwatches?

Yes, you can trade with a smartwatch if your broker provides an application for smartwatches. E.g. with the Robinhood app, you can buy and sell your stocks directly from your smartwatch.

4. What are the popular apps on wearOS for tracking stocks?

Some of the popular apps are MyStocks app, Robinhood, MyStocks, etc.

5. Can we track and trade cryptocurrency on smartwatches?

Yes, apps like Robinhood allow you to trade on cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.


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