cronovo smartwatch review

As you might have heard time changes everything and so is the wearable market. At first, the smartwatches used to come up with limited activity tracking options. But with several medical technology companies beginning to tie up with health wearables that can deliver advanced medical features, people now seem to have more interest in smartwatches.

The latest in this process is the Cronovo smartwatch that promises to deliver accurate health-related information at an affordable price. Let’s have a complete detailed review of the Cronovo Smartwatch.

Who should buy this Smartwatch?

The Cronovo Smartwatch comes with the smallest built-in EKG (ECG) Electro Cardio Graphy & heart rate Sensor which can provide 99% accurate heart-rate monitoring.


It is one of the best available smartwatches for people who are suffering from heart-related problems.

If you are a heart patient or your doctor has advised you to keep your heart-rate in check. Then, the Cronovo Smartwatch is something you should try.

EKG And Heart Rate Sensor

EKG is one of the biggest and most wanted features of the new Cronovo smartwatch that needs to get mentioned separately for its accurate features.

cronovo watch review

The manufacturers of the Cronovo smartwatch claim that it is the smallest EKG in the world. Many watches have failed in giving exact information when it comes to health-related information. But Cronovo maintains its promise of delivering accurate EKG and heart rate data quite efficiently.

People behind it claim that the watch is packed with sophisticated algorithms while giving alerts related to your heart. Cronovo claims to have made research where it found that the Cronovo smartwatches are 99.9% accurate when compared to other FDA approved smartwatches and medical devices.

Other Fitness Features

The world is getting busier day by day and people don’t have time for their health. The Cronovo smartwatch is enabled with advanced fitness features that are designed to keep you updated on your overall health features just at the flick of your wrist.

Fitness Features

With advanced fitness features like EKG tracker, SPO2 tracking, Heart Rate, and HRV tracking, VO2 max, Cardiac efficiency, Sleep tracking, Resting and recovery, Core temperature, Training effect, etc. the smartwatch keeps you updated 24/7 hours on your overall health condition.

Report Sharing Made Easy

In today’s world, everyone wants a simplified process. The Cronovo smartwatch manufacturers keeping that in mind have made this smartwatch where the users can easily save their records in the form of PDF. With easy saving options, they can easily send it to their Doctor or someone through mail or any other viable sending options.

The smartwatch also stores reports in its system and the users can easily get access to it whenever they want. Also, user’s data always stay secure with its military-grade encryption protection. So you don’t have to worry anymore about your health data getting leaked. them for a faster consultation of their condition.

Fast Readings with AFib Detection

The Cronovo smartwatch is filled with many medical-related features that are capable of tracking various heart-related problems like Atrial Fibrillation, Bradycardia etc

The company claims to deliver fast readings with an estimated time of 30 seconds when the smartwatch sensors sense any abnormality related to your EKG readings.

Super-Fast Telemedicine

Many people feel reluctant to visit a doctor physically. This watch is a blessing for such peoples. The Cronovo smartwatch provides telemedicine services within their app where the users can get a detailed EKG report within 15 minutes. The watch has some pre-stored highly experienced cardiologists where the user can contact

Battery Life

No one likes to charge their devices again and again. Therefore, people who buy smartwatches always look out for battery life. The more the battery life, the less they have to worry about charging it again and again.

The Cronovo smartwatch requires charging less often with its 12-day battery life where it consumes very little to less power. Thus, the smartwatch can last up to 12 days with its standard mode without compromising on the features.

Activity Tracking

The Cronovo smartwatch comes with a variety of activity tracking options such as running, cycling, hiking, etc. The users can also select a specific mode related to their workout where the watch claims to show quite accurate data recordings.

Water Resistant and Notifications

Everyone wants a durable watch. The Cronovo smartwatch is IP68 waterproof certified where it can withstand occasional rains and several water splashes. The watch also supports all major apps and allows you to check out your notifications instantly. You can also receive or dismiss calls right on your wrist without having to worry about taking out your phone from the pocket.

Pros and Cons


  • Best in class ECG monitoring.
  • Offers the most accurate heart-rate monitoring.
  • Elegant design.


  • Not so good battery back-up
  • Lacks few advanced features offered in current watches

Where to buy cronovo watch?

buy cronovo watch

The watch is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. With FDA and CE cleared medical software the Cronovo smartwatch can be the one to go for if you are looking for a smartwatch that delivers various medical features at an affordable price.

This EKG watch is available in plenty of variants, you can choose according to your style.


  1. Add to the cons about this Chronovo watch, it’s a con. It’s been over 3 years since backing this Indiegogo/Kickstarter campaign, still no watch. Can’t get a refund, they just took the money and ran. Sure they updated their campaign updates…but still indicates they’re still in the funding process, while when I decided to back this, there was only a few campaign packages available to back. Stay away, as I and who knows how many more, have been duped and left in the wind. Shame on you Darin Philip.


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