Haylou LS02 Smartwatch Review

A very few people have heard about the smartwatch brand “Haylou”. In the past, they have provided some quality smartwatch at very cheap prices. HAYLOU SMARTWATCH 2 is also one of the best affordable smart watches with plenty of features. The official product name of this wearable is Haylou LS02 Smartwatch.

This Chinese smartwatch comes with many upgrades compared to its predecessor. Through this smartwatch, Haylou shows us that smartwatches are budget-friendly and suitable for every age group. With a bunch of basic fitness features and a stylish design, let’s see whether Haylou smartwatch 2 is worth our money or not. Below is our complete detailed analysis of this watch.

Key Specifications of Haylou LS02 Smartwatch 

  • Screen size: 1.4 inch IPS screen
  • Resolution: 320 X 320 pixel
  • Weight: 38 grams
  • Battery Capacity: 260 mAh
  • Standby time: 20 days
  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.0
  • Sensor: Heart rate monitor, Health monitor, Sleep monitor
  • Compatible OS: Android, iOS

Eye-Catching Design

Design Review

From the design, you can see that Haylou’s smartwatch design is inspired by Apple Watch. The watch face is a rectangular type with curved edges making it almost a look-alike of Apple watches.

The watch looks like a bezel-less watch when the screen is off. The screen and wristband material is made up of silicone which is quite comfortable and is of high-grade quality.

The strap has a sporty design and the watch gives a premiere look overall. Considering its price point, we really liked the watch’s design. The watch has a single button on the right side for operation and on the bottom, it has sensors and 2 pins for magnetic charging.

Vibrant Display

Display Review Haylou 2

The Haylou smartwatch 2 comes with a 1.4 inch IPS color display in a rectangular shape. The resolution stands at 320 X 320 pixels with a full touch screen that is bright enough to read all the notifications even under the sunlight.

The size of the display is 48 X 36 X 11.5 mm. Another premiere feature of the smartwatch is it is protected by a 2.5D curved glass. If you will compare it with its previous version which was 1.3 inch, it is one of the good makeovers that it has received.

The watch gives an option to change the watch face with its 5 different watch faces. Unfortunately, you cannot install more watch faces on it from the play store which is a big drawback to this watch.


Although this is where the watch struggles a bit. The fonts look okay and the watch performance a little slow while operating. The watch is powered by Nordic nRF52840 with only 64KB of RAM and 512KB of ROM.

The low processor of the watch is ok to provide a smooth experience while navigating. It could have been improved a bit but providing all the best features with a low budget is not possible for all the smartwatch makers.

IP68 Waterproof Rating

Like most of the watches, LS02 watch also comes up with IP68 dust and water-resistant rating. You can go for swimming while still wearing this watch on your hand. But it is not advised to go for saunas and diving with this watch. To extend the life of the watch, wipe the water droplets with a dry cloth before operating.

Bluetooth Synchronization

Bluetooth Synchronization

Unlike its predecessor which had a Bluetooth version of 4.2, this watch got an upgrade to Bluetooth 5.0 version. Data transmission speed is now improved and feels smooth to operate. No need to use your phone to watch all the notifications. Just lift your wrist and it will show everything that is running simultaneously in your smartphone.

Various Functions and Sensors

Haylou Smartwatch 2 comes with 12 different sports mode. Now you can record your data related to spinning, yoga, indoor running, jogging, fast walking, gym, climbing, biking, free training, basketball, football, and boating. The data were quite accurate while recording. For a low budget smartwatch, this is one of the most valued features present in it.

Sensors present on the watch were also showing accurate data for heart rate monitoring, sleep monitoring, accelerometer, and pedometer. It records data automatically for deep sleep, light sleep, and wakefulness.

Long Battery Life

Battery life of Haylou smartwatch 2

Haylou Smartwatch 2 claims to have a battery life of 20 days with normal usage and a standby time of 30 days with its 260 mAh battery. Upon testing with all the sensors like 24-hour heart rate monitoring and sports activities, this watch actually gives 6-7 days of battery life.

Smartwatch users are going to love its battery life for sure. It takes nearly 2.5 hours to go from 0 to 100% charge.

Final Verdict

The weight of Haylou Smartwatch 2 is only 38 grams which makes it very light to wear without causing any discomfort. The watch has a good battery life and gives many sports mode to track down your daily activities.

The software may be a little poor but with functions such as alarm, call reminder, remote selfie, social entertainment, etc, this watch can be a good option to buy for only $83.


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