G-Shock Alternatives

The creator of this post has chosen the Suunto Core as the best alternative G-Shock watch available in 2022.

In this era of modern gadgets, Casio G Shock Watches are a prevalent and trusted model. These watches are very stylish and packed with unique features and come with various color options. But there are many other alternatives present in the market.

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They are packed with features and also stylish. In this article, I will share a list of the top 9 G Shock alternative Watches with their brief description. So, let’s start.

1. Casio Pro Trek

Casio Pro Trek
Casio Pro Trek

Casio is a trendy name in the watch market. They have some fantastic watches, which are classic examples of features with a  stylish look. It can not be possible to talk about Casio G-Shock alternatives, and there will be no Casio watches.

So, here it is. Casio Pro Trek is a classic alternative of G-Shock. It has a circular analog display which is sized 61.7 × 56.4 × 15.7 mm. Other notable features of this watch include alarms, stopwatch, reminders, timer, GPS, Gyroscope, Accelerometer, distance tracker, up to 1 day of battery life, waterproofing, etc.

In a word, this watch is an excellent alternative to G-Shock from the same company with almost the same features.

2. Suunto Core

Suunto Core
Suunto Core Watch

Suunto is not a very popular brand in the watch market other than Timex, Casio, etc. But Suunto Core is another alternative for Casio G-Shock. This is a digital watch. Its rough and rugged design makes it a very cool look.

It has a case of size 49.1 × 14.5 mm, which is made of plastic. It has a flexible silicone band. The other outstanding features include Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer, Compass, alarm, stopwatch, timer, etc.

It has 30 m or 100 ft of water resistance. Though the water-resistance of this watch is more impoverished than a G-Shock, the other features are on point.

3. Timex Ironman 

Timex Ironman
Timex Ironman

Timex has been a trendy name in the watch market for quite some time. Among all of their models, Timex Ironman is the model which can be an alternative to Casio G-Shock.

The Ironman series of Timex is very affordable, and its rugged design can quickly remind you of Casio G-Shock. This model is famous among athletes and sportspersons. Some of its great features are a memory countdown timer for 30 laps, alarm, calendar, Timex Indiglo backlight.

Also, it has a resin band and case, and the case size of this watch is 45 × 15 mm. This watch has 100 m or 330 feet water resistivity that makes this watch a great option.

4. Skmei S Shock

Skmei S Shock
Skmei S Shock

If you want a very inexpensive and excellent watch, then the Skmei S Shock is probably the best choice for you.

This watch is so affordable that you can buy it for under 20 dollars. It comes with an ABS plastic case, and the size of its subject is 51 × 16 mm. The strap of this watch is made of resin. It is a Chinese watch.

The key features of this watch are its stopwatch, LED backlight, dual time zone, military time synchronization, etc. It also has 50 m or 165 feet of water resistivity.

5. Luminox EVO Navy SEAL 

Luminox EVO Navy SEAL 
Luminox EVO Watch

Luminox EVO Navy SEAL is another excellent watch that can be a great alternative to Casio G-Shock. If you are searching for a tactical smartwatch that can be used under meager light, this watch is for you. In the dark, this watch glows 100 times brighter than other watches with lume because of its unique tritium technology.

This watch is specially designed for the Navy SEALs and also designed with their collaboration. This watch is specially designed for rough and tough use. The fantastic features of Luminox EVO Navy SEAL include Japanese quartz, day and date function, polyurethane case, and foldable band.

The case size of this watch is 44 × 13 mm, and it has 200 m or 660 ft water resistivity, which makes this watch highly suitable for divers.

6. Timex men’s Expedition Grid Shock

Timex men's Expedition Grid Shock
Timex men’s Expedition Watch

Timex Expedition watch is a perfect alternative to Casio g shock watches. This watch comes with an adjustable 16mm resin strap which will feel very comfortable on a long journey. Due to its comfort, you can wear this watch all day without any problem.

The case diameter of this watch is 50mm which is not suitable for small wrists. This water-resistant watch includes a Hydration timer, occasion reminder, calendar, etc.

You can also set a no of alarms in this shock-resistant watch.

7. Citizen Watches Promaster Altichron  

Citizen Watches Promaster Altichron
Citizen Watches Promaster Altichron

Citizen is not a very popular name in this list, but the Promaster Altichron model is very stylish and rugged and can be a great alternative to Casio G-Shock.

This watch comes with an eco-drive quartz system which is powered by solar energy. The fantastic features of this watch include analog function with date, compass, altimeter, etc.

It has a stainless steel case sized 46 × 15 mm, and the strap is made of silicon. It also has 200 m or 660 ft water resistivity.        

8. Casio Pathfinder

Casio Pathfinder
Casio Pathfinder watches

Casio is an excellent company for rough and tough watches. Casio Pathfinder is probably the 2nd highest popular watch after G Shock. It has many features like a Casio G-Shock.

This watch is also great on its own, but here we are talking about G-Shock alternatives. The outstanding features include a solar-powered Japanese quartz system, Altimeter, Barometer, Thermometer, Digital Compass, stopwatch, World clock, Timer, Alarms, etc.

The band and case of these watches are made of resin, and the size of the matter is 51 × 15 mm. It has 100 m or 330 ft water resistivity, though G-Shock has 200 m waterproofing, it is also good in this.

9. Swatch Chronograph

Swatch Chronograph
Swatch Chronograph Watch

Swatch is a global watch selling company, which is famous for its cheap and slim watches. But this company has a sports watch model named Swatch Chronograph, which is more like an alternative to Casio G-Shock.

It has a plastic case likes other Swatch watches and a silicon band. It has a Swiss quartz system, and the case size of this watch is 42 × 14 mm. It also has 30 m of water resistance which lets this watch be splashproof.

So, these are my top 9 Watches that can be an alternative to Casio G-Shock. But you have to remember that Casio G-Shock is a classic watch; any alternative watch can not match its performance but can copy a little.

If you can afford Casio G-Shock, then always go for the real one. I hope this information will help you to understand what you need and what suits you best.


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