K’Watch Glucose Review

Having to prick a finger many times a day to check the blood sugar level is one of the painful experiences diabetic patients have to tolerate every day. But now its time to move past the old day painful methods of monitoring blood sugar level by a blood test. Here is an innovative device that monitors the blood sugar level effortlessly, painlessly, and in seconds.

K’Watch Glucose: Overview

K’Watch Glucose Review

K’Watch is a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) device that can bring the comfort of use without pain. This device will make a diabetics life easier and would be much more practical to use. CGM device monitors glucose levels every few minutes and shows the rapid changes missed by SMBG( Self- monitoring blood glucose device) testing.

K’Watch is a smart portable health connected device with no requirement of calibration. Just a simple glance can tell you how high and low your blood sugar level is.  It represents a graph to assist a patient to control their glucose level strongly. Users just have to press the watch to take the metering and display the glucose level. You can measure and monitor the glucose level anytime anywhere.

K’Watch Glucose: Design and Usability

K’Watch Glucose Design

K’Watch is one amongst the dozen products designated as a winner of Show’s Best Innovation award. K’Watch with a clean modern eye-catching design looks like a smart health connected health care activity watch. It is made up of waterproof material, so you can monitor the glucose level while enjoying a shower.

A K’apsule with a biosensor is arrayed at its back. The K’apsule keeps in touch with your skin and measures glucose level rather than taking any blood samples.

K’Watch Glucose: Simplicity

The groundbreaking technology can analyze physiological markers by simply testing the skin. You don’t have to be worried about lancets or piercing your finger to check your blood sugar level anymore. K’Watch gives you a tension-free simple process to analyze glucose levels without any need for additional equipment.

It is consumable, so you can take numerous measurements for one month. Then you must have to replace it after 30 days of usage. This is a great choice while you are going for a long vacation or on a romantic gateway.

K’Watch Glucose: A Painless Measurement

K’Watch Glucose Measurement

The core of K’apsule’s concept is the technology skin test. The K’apsules are made up of microneedles of less than 1mm long. The microbes aspirate a tiny drop of interstitial fluid while pressing the dial gently, to instantly perform a biochemical analysis. This fluid contains several biomarkers like glucose, which the SkinTaste biosensor will analyze.

The patient will feel a slight pressure. They won’t feel any pain since the microneedles lie on the surface of the skin. They neither reach the nerves nor blood vessels which are more below the epidermis.

K’Watch Glucose: Synchronisation With Dedicated Mobile App

K’Watch Glucose with Mobile App sync

For better monitoring, users can sync their K’Watch Glucose with their dedicated iOS and Android app to view the complete history of data over time. They can even share this data with a professional.  This smart device can also track the distance you traveled, the steps you took, and the calories you burned every day. It satisfies you with all the benefits that a fitness tracker can give you.

K’Watch Glucose: Alerts

K’Watch also sends alerts with discrete vibration and sets reminders for users either in the device or in the app to check their blood sugar. You need to press the analyzer to trigger the measurement and to view the result. With this amazing watch you can set automatic reminders to take regular activities during the day. This smartwatch also help to send alerts to your family and friends too.

Conventional CGM Vs. K’Watch

Conventional CGM:

  • Improving the access to their data by making great use of mobile apps and provides alerts.
  • Sensors and receivers of conventional CGM are smaller in size.
  • People feel embarrassed to wear it to hide their reasons.


  • A typical smartwatch application is consists of a powerful microprocessor, a large battery.
  • Simplified manufacturing cost, Lower user budget.
  • Sensors contain multiple micro points that barely penetrate the surface of the skin.
  • Can monitor glucose level all over the day and night, anywhere.

Importance to Monitor Diabetes

People who are suffering from diabetes should check their blood sugar level at least 5-10 times a day, yet the maximum of them do not do this regularly. Lack of time, difficulty in using, or pain may be the major reasons. Doing such may be led to blindness, kidney failure, severe heart disease, stroke.

Using K’Watch makes you confident and breaks all the stereotypes of monitoring glucose levels.


So, that was all about the K’Watch Glucose. This device comes with a revolutionary technology that can change the way people observe blood sugars. As you may know Glucose testing kits are priced heavily and this product can save thousands of dollars people spend on sugar level testing. We hope that this article was helpful for you if you have any doubts feel free to comment down below.


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