Lenovo E1 Review
Lenovo E1 Review

Today, everyone is insane wearing a smartwatch, especially the youth. Well, why not? While wearing a smartwatch, you feel confident and modish, so it is not a bad thing.

If we talk about earlier times, the smartwatch is limited with features such as low battery life, costly, and limited lifespans, but now wearables are exceptional. You can buy a perfect brand, modern look and a great number of features at a very affordable price.

So, if you are planning to buy a new smartwatch for your sports time and daily use, then must read out this page.

Here, we will talk about only honest features and facts of Lenovo E1 Smartwatch that, make sure you are making the right choice for your next purchase.

Let us dive!

About Lenovo Brand

Lenovo is one of the leading PC Company in China. This is a well-known brand worldwide for its unique features in electronic gadgets since 1980. Lenovo is a highly-competitive brand in the tech industry. Its high-compute performance, quality products, agile designs, durability, and advanced features are just awesome to explore. Moreover, this Chinese brand offers its products at a reasonable price, so anyone can afford it and enjoy modern technology.

Most of Lenovo users are 100% satisfies with their services not just with PC but its past smartwatches such as Lenovo, Carme, Opta Sb-039 steel fitness band, Hw01 Plus smartwatch and more. Recently, Lenovo launches its new smartwatch called Lenovo E1 for sports fanatics. This latest smartwatch is based on 7 sports mode like running, walking, cycling, badminton, skipping, basketball and football.

Lenovo E1- Specifications

Lenovo E1 comes up with great features. Have a look:

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Lenovo E1- Smartwatch Review

Lenovo E1 Smartwatch Review
Lenovo E1 Smartwatch Review

Lenovo E1 Smartwatch is perfect for sports lovers who would like to track their heart health. This smartwatch has great unique features, especially the 7 mode sports system which makes this extraordinary. In this section, I have shared some great benefits of it that may you can’t get from others.

  • Stay connected

If you are opting this smartwatch, then you will love to know you can stay connected with your phone features as well, such as messages, calls, internet, and more. Moreover, the personal assistant will activate to give you a full report on everyday heart, sleep, and health condition.

  • One-touch operations

Lenovo E1 Smooth Touch
Lenovo E1 One Touch Operation

Touch sliding feature is gone and one-touch operation is introduced in this smartwatch. This means, with one single touch you can operate all its features. Long press and quick press can help you to use its applications with ease even while working out. It is perfect for daily use.

Lenono E1 has 180mAh battery that gives 10-days long battery life with 2-3 hours charge once in a day and standby time up to 25 days.

  • Precise monitoring

Unlike other smartwatches, Lenovo E1 provides 24 hours of accurate monitoring of heart and health status. This uses half-wave Fourier transform to calculate the health status of a user. This provides 24-hour reports on your intensity of exercising, duration of sleep time, and analyze the sleep quality.

  • Remote use

With this smartwatch, you just free of operating your phone while exercising. Connect your watch with phone and control all apps remotely. The best is to listen to music with no intervals and click pictures while working out too.

  • Water and scratches resistant smartwatch

The best part of Lenovo E1 Smartwatch is this comes with Water resistant property. This means just in case your watch breaks down in water or the floor, it will never damage the quality and appearance. Isn’t amazing?

  • Available in different color options

Lenovo E1 Available multiple colors
Lenovo E1 Available in multiple colors

Lenovo E1 Smart Watch is available in five different colors such as black, green, red strap, and black steel strap. You can buy your favorite look at a reasonable price.

Lenovo E1- Price & offer

Lenovo E1 global version smartwatch is exclusively available in online stores at a very reasonable price with $39.99. You will be glad to know, it is now available at 20% off with frees shipping at Gearbest.

Wrap up

As you can see, Lenovo E1 has outstanding features that make your work out easier, healthy and enjoying. You can control everything on the wrist with one single touch. The best is you are getting this dazzling innovative gadget at a reasonable price from Lenovo brand which is trusted worldwide. Furthermore, 70% of users appreciate and recommending Lenovo E1 as the perfect smartwatch.

In my opinion, this smartwatch can be useful and perfect buying product for anyone.


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