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Nowadays, you will find many smartwatches that will provide you with many different features you can use in your daily life. You can track your fitness through various sensors.

It will surely is a great benefit to our health.  However, some people like to do some wild adventure in their life, and having a smartwatch with a compass will give them the right direction.

These watches are only sturdy and robust but also helps in finding suitable suggestions.

So in this article, we will showcase the 8 Best smartwatches with a compass you can buy online.

9 best smartwatches with a compass –

Following are some best built-in compass watches that can help you with the direction in every situation. This will make your trekking and adventuring easier.

Fossil Gen 6

This premium smartwatch from Fossil has inbuilt compass feature. Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch also has inbuilt speaker and microphone. It has also the option of contactless payment (NFC).

The battery life of this smartwatch is around 24 hrs. in full usage. It is available in 42mm and 44mm case size.

The best thing about Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch is that it runs on WearOS, so you can enjoy all the feature of android wear in this device.

  • Suunto Traverse Alpha –

Suunto Traverse Alpha

This is one of the significant launches by Suunto, and the design of this watch is perfect for outdoor activities.

This tactical smartwatch has a built-in GPS, and the strap of the watch is made up of nylon. The material used in the framework is metal which will last for a longer time.

The battery life of the watch is for 10 days. The screen of the watch is protected. The navigating features of this watch are phenomenal.

  • Amazfit Bip –

Amazfit Bip

The Bip watch is one of the popular watches among enthusiasts for outdoor activities. This watch is built in such a way that it will not need more power for work.

The design of the watch is modern, and the model is lightweight. It has a built-in GPS tracker, which will make navigating easier.

The screen of the watch is protected by the corner gorilla glass 3. You will get this watch at an affordable price range.

  • Garmin Fenix 5X Plus –

Garmin Fenix 5X Plus

One of the best features of this watch is the high-resolution display and the oximeter, which can measure your oxygen level in blood at a higher altitude.

The watch comes with a 10 ATM water-resistant feature. You can also get 16GB of internal storage with the watch.

It also has a metallic strap which will give this watch a fantastic look. With these features, you will get this watch at an affordable price range.

  • Suunto core –

Suunto core

This one of the great models of smartwatches that are built for adventure and outdoor activities. The design of this model is rugged, and it will last longer.

The design is slim as compared to other models of the company. You will also get a built-in GPS with this watch. This watch also has a rotating bezel and is made from premium materials.

  • Garmin Instinct Tactical –

Garmin Instinct Tactical

The Garmin Instinct model comes in the green army color, which will make this watch popular among enthusiasts.

This watch also has an excellent three-axis compass and a heart rate monitoring sensor. The built-in GPS will provide you with great navigation features which will help you with surrounding situations.

This is one of the popular 21st-century watches. It also has a barometer altimeter.

  • Polar Grit X –

Polar Grit X

This is one of the expensive compass smartwatches with a great design. This company claims that you will not find this lightweight watch in the market.

This is available in the green army color. It comes with great features such as a built-in compass, altimeter, water-resistant, etc.

The navigation system will give you turn by turn direction in outdoor activities. This will also give you proper instruction about your diet.

  • G-SHOCK Move –


This is one of the most durable watches for enthusiasts, and the design of this watch is rugged. This watch will track every move or speed of your move.

It will also suggest you the workout sessions according to your body. The built-in GPS will give you accurate directions.

It will also monitor your heart rate when you are doing any exercises. It will also tell you when to slow down during the workout. It also has an oximeter that measures your oxygen level.

  • Casio Men’s SGW –

Casio Men's SGW

If you are looking for a great smartwatch with high-tech functions at an affordable price range, this watch is excellent.

It boasts a built-in GPS and compass at a fantastic price range. The watch tends to be a perfect upgrade for traditional smartwatches.

The design of their watch is rigid and modern. It will give different features like a thermometer, navigating system, calendar, stopwatches, alarm, and digital compass.

Conclusion –

All the above smartwatches are popular and primarily known for being the best smartwatches with a compass in the market.

Some of the models are at an affordable price, but some are a little expensive. If you are an adventure lover, then all these watches will help you in any situation between the trek.

They will show you the direction by using the compass feature, and you will also get some apps on your watch. To stay fit and healthy, you should try these smartwatches.


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