Smartwatches with long battery life

The creator of this post has chosen the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar as the best smartwatch for the above topic.

The launch of smartwatches has added an extra spice to our life, and the constant process of upgrading and improving their features is something that makes consumers irresistible. One such important feature we don’t like compromising with is the longevity of the smartwatch battery. This is probably the first feature we ask for because no one wants a trendy gadget that needs to be plugged in frequently.

Why Long Battery Life is important in a smartwatch

Smartwatches with long battery life

What is the use of a wearable if you need to remove it from your wrist and plug it around the corner, thus barring it from accessing the very features you bought it for!

Imagine how pathetic it feels when you are not able to receive smart notifications while in a meeting or are unable to access activity tracking while on a run or a swim, just because the wearable needs to be fed again. The whole notion of the accessory is lost.

The tech giants are addressing this issue and coming up with ideas to minimize battery issues. Some are complying with solar energy, while others are opting for receiving energy from your body heat, thus leading to unlimited charge storage.

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8 Best Smartwatches with Long Battery Life

If you yearn for a smartwatch with longer battery life, you can choose from the best 8 smartwatches mentioned below.

1. Mobvoi’s Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE

Battery Life- 30 days with 415mAh

Mobvoi's Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE

Mobvoi’s Ticwatch Pro 4G is an upgraded and stylish version of the Mobvoi series. Empowering both OLED and LED displays, this smartwatch allows you to choose the longevity of the battery on a single charge. By default, the LED display is activated.

OLED is a display similar to TVs and smartphones and undoubtedly consumes more battery power. The choice between the displays is, of course, optional and can be changed in the settings. It is equipped with Always On Display, awesome fitness tracking apps, and features like Google Assistant.

Key Features-

  • AMOLED + FSTN LCD with 400×400 resolution,
  • 1 GB RAM and 4 GB ROM,
  • Bluetooth, 4G/LTE FDD, GPS, GLONASS, Wi-Fi enabled,
  • Water-resistant- IP68,

2. Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar

Battery life- 21 days

Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar

Garmin has established itself as one of the leading brands for battery life. The incorporation of solar charging makes the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Solar, an ideal choice.

Boosted with all the technicalities and track-stats you would crave for, this Garmin watch is the one you would not even need to charge.

The battery life can be further extended up to 24 days if the smartwatch is used in sunlight for a minimum of three hours.

Garmin has power-packed the watch with different modes to further increase battery life. In the battery saver mode, you can use the smartwatch for 80 days at a stretch. It can further be extended up to 120 days If used outdoors.  While many of the smartwatches get discharged quickly in GPS mode, this Garmin solar edition is an exception. The battery can last for over 60 hours in normal mode in 66 hours with solar.

Key features:

  • 4 inch Transflective(MIP) LCD,
  • 32 GB ROM with streaming services like Spotify,
  • Swim-proof (10 ATM),
  • GPS enabled, preloaded sports mode, Android and iOS compatible.

3. Matrix PowerWatch 2 Series

Battery Life- Unlimited as it is charged through your body’s heat.

Matrix PowerWatch 2 Series

Matrix PowerWatch 2 is a uniquely designed smartwatch powered with thermoelectric tech and solar energy. This rugged and beautifully crafted premium smartwatch keeps you away from all the repeater charging issues. you can simply keep it on your wrist and access every feature without any worries.

The PowerWatch does lack some exquisite features, that are readily available in its counterparts, but the weightage of infinite charging is attractive and alluring. Moreover, the PowerWatch app displays the amount of energy received from your body and other light sources. You can track daily activities, set alarms, display your daily progress, and many more through this one-of-a-kind model.

Key features:

  • 2 inch colored LCD,
  • Always-On display,
  • Waterproof up to 200 meters,
  • Bluetooth, GPS and heart rate monitor enabled.

4. Garmin Vivoactive

Battery life- 21 days

Garmin Vivoactive

Another masterpiece from the Garmin brand is the Garmin Vivoactive series. Loaded with top-notch features and attributes, Garmin Vivoactive can last up to 21 days in a single charge with your GPS turned off. It is perfectly compatible with both Android and iOS devices keeping you updated through push notifications and alerts.

The Vivoactive watch dons a sleek and stylish design with a high-resolution touchscreen. Equipped with all the activity tracking features,  heart rate monitoring with a chest strap, and more than 1000 downloadable apps, watch faces, and widgets.

Key features-

  • 4 inches display,
  • Connect IQ, GPS enabled,
  • Water rating of 5 ATM,
  • Built-in sports apps.

5. Vector Watch Luna

Battery Life- 30 days

Vector Watch Luna

If you are a fan of the classic design but want to access the newest technology too, then Vector Watch Luna is a great buy. Embarking the royal and sophisticated look of a classic watch, the Vector Watch Luna possesses life-easing apps like weather, calendar, news, Facebook, Instagram, Uber, Evernote, etc..

The watch faces can be customized and many other tracking features can be accessed. Integration of all such features has not left the makers to miss out on the most important credential of a smartwatch, i.e. battery life. This $50 smartwatch can run for an entire month in a single charge. What more can you ask for? Right.

Key Features:

  • Always-On monochrome LCD display,
  • Water-resistant to 5 ATM,
  • Basic Activity and sleep tracking,
  • Google Fit and Apple Health Kit integrated.

6. Skagen Hagen Connected

Battery Life- 6 months

Skagen Hagen Connected

Skagen Hagen Connected is an attractive and impressively designed smartwatch with an extended battery life of 6 months. The smartwatch has activity tracking features and smart notifiers for customized apps.

It has Link Technology which means you can control your music straightaway from your wrist.

It does not have any digital display, instead has haptic vibration and dial-based pointer notifications, thus saving power consumption.

Key Features-

  • Fitness and activity tracking,
  • Android and iOS compatible,
  • Analog clock face and changeable straps.

7. Kronaby Apex Connected Movement

Battery Life- Up to 2 years

Kronaby Apex Connected Movement

Kronaby Apex Connected Movement is a classic hybrid watch with some super smart features embedded in it. The battery is a standard watch battery that can be replaced once it gets completely discharged.

The longevity of the battery is 2 years, but it can vary depending on the usage.

Kronaby has launched 4 models of Connected watch and each one of them comes in different colors and layouts.

Key Features-

  • Activity tracking and filtered push notifications,
  • Apple Health and Google Fit integration,
  • Music control, camera shutter control, find a phone.

8. Amazfit GTR

Battery life- 24 days with 410 mAh

Amazfit GTR

Amazfit GTR is another rocking launch from the Amazfit brand that has tried to level up its battery value and have been successful too. Powered with all the latest tech-on, the GTR takes only two hours to fully charge.

The battery life can be further extended if the GPS usage is about 90 minutes a week.

It can further be optimized by checking the limited usage of certain components like Bluetooth, minimized notifications, etc..

Key Features-

  • 39 inches AMOLED display,
  • Waterproof and GPS GLONASS enabled,
  • Push notifications and activity tracking integrated.

These are the best smartwatches endorsing exceptional battery life. If you have any queries regarding the battery performance of any watch, you can simply comment below.



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