Watches have never only been considered as time watching solution but also as an ethnicity stick to the wearables. Although there are so many options available in the market to choose from, still the round watches always steal our gazes.

The round watches remained in the spotlight since its launch and the integration of smart features in a round-faced watch is the icing on the cake. No matter what sum up with round watches, it never lost the eye-capturing part. A normal black leather round watch goes with every outfit doesn’t matter if it is about denim style or a sheer one.

Considering the round watch as a part of sport style, also added more fuel to the fashion spirit. Below are some real smartwatches with a touch of a new era to style up your trendier look and charge it up. Also, do consider the watches where changing strap options are available. Like just in case you decided to go with another strap. This gives you more freedom to accessorize your watch to fit in with your mood. There are so many details being lifted in round watches, so just to add up more frequency in your purchase.

Best Round face smartwatches in 2023

We have sorted eight trendy and efficient smartwatches that will catch your breath at first glance. So, choose the styling that will best describe you in 2023.

1. Garmin Venu smartwatch –

Who doesn’t want to be fit these days? But going to the fitness trainer can be expensive. That is why the Garmin Venu watch is the right choice available as it comes with an animated workout. Not only this round watch looks super stylish and elegant to wear while jogging or running to give a proper workout vibe.

Garmin Venu smartwatch
Garmin Venu smartwatch

Nonetheless, there are so many colors available with the watch which makes it favorable for everyone. Along with that the screen size of 1.2-inch goes perfectly with any fingertip. The display also comes with the right brightness level and vibrant colors to use in the dark.

The watch carries an AMOLED display, along with a battery life of up to 5-days even in the smartwatch mode and up to 6 hours while listening to music. This amazing comes with 20 plus indoor sports game apps and preloaded GPS to record their every move. It gives the owner, the opportunity to monitor their health 24*7.

It makes an amazing first impression. The blue cloud screen with a black background as the wallpaper gives it an even trendier look. Talking about the strap, it comes with a black rubber one to justify your round watch.

Key features:

  • Display- 1.2 inches AMOLED.
  • 390 x 390 pixels
  • Activity Data- 200 hours
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Water Rating – 5ATM
  • Price -$274.20

Pros –

  • Best Fitness Tracking Applications
  • Battery life of 5 days
  • AMOLED Screen – Bright and Bold
  • Always on-screen
  • Standard Music Storage
  • Accurate GPS and Heart Rate
  • Workout, sleep, activity tracking

Cons –

  • High Price range
  • Finicky Touchscreen
  • 1 case size
  • App Store- Limited

2. Mi Watch Revolve- Midnight Black –

Getting a smartwatch, and charging it frequently is so stressful. If it has to be charged every hour, then what’s the purpose? Right! That is why Mi Watch Revolve is the best option available. It gives a standby battery life of up to 14 days straight.

Mi Watch Revolve
Mi Watch Revolve Source:

Also, the watch is water-resistant which means using it during swimming lessons will be a great choice as well. Not only this, it comes with 110 plus professional sports modes giving you another reason to purchase it. And more importantly the AMOLED display and premium metallic designed frame make it look more decent to go with any dress code.

It comes with a non-scratchy surface, which means a big NO to any kind of damage. The watch also measures daily activities and indicates the person with wellness indicators like sleep, stress, and body energy. It comes with many smart features like music control, app notification, call managing, weather update, phone location, alarm, and torch, etc.

This black watch shows two extra circles to show the features. Along with it, the watch displays a cloud to tell the weather. It looks like a pure minimalistic piece of art.

Key Features:

  • Display – AMOLED, 46 mm.
  • 454*454 pixels
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity, Bluetooth
  • Heart Rate Monitoring – 24*7
  • Watch Faces – 110 and more.
  • Algorithm – Firstbeat motion.

Pros –

  • Display – AMOLED
  • Premium Look
  • 14 days Battery Life
  • Accurate and consistent HR tracking
  • Accurate tracking of steps and distance


  • Build-in Microphone isn’t available
  • Poor Sleep Tracking
  • No feature of call attending.
  • Limited Third-party applications.

3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

Being a fan of fitness and health, you can’t escape your attention from something that gives you accurate tracking with customizable styles.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 comes in two fresh looks of stainless steel body and lightweight aluminum body to go perfectly with your fashion type.

Also, there are so many available straps to be used with the watch to get even more trendy. It has a battery life that goes perfectly with a day or more. You can also take it while running, swimming, or doing any other activity as it is dust-free and comes with a water resistance of 5 ATM.

The best feature about the watch is that it allows 3rd party apps to be used in the watch. It comes with lithium-ion cells that give 4.9-watt-hours of energy content, hence, the main battery run time of the watch is 5 days. Also, it gives a 4GB memory capacity along with 1.2 inches of standing screen size of the display. It comes with call functions and touchscreen features as well.

This Samsung watch has a sheer and thin layout to embrace its beauty. It also has two buttons on the side. With the perfect going screen color, it even looks better at the brightest light.

Key Features –

  • Super AMOLED Display
  • 360*360 pixels
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, Location Technology.
  • 5-days battery life
  • Speaker, Microphone


  • Large Size, Bigger Display
  • Great Battery Life
  • LTE Variant
  • Comfortable, Unassuming design, and Attractive
  • Bezel allows Virtual Rotation
  • Good Activity, Sleep Tracking

Cons –

  • ECG, Fall Detection
  • App support isn’t so good
  • Bixby isn’t making any difference

4. Skagen Falster 3 –

What if your watch performs all the work without you touching it? Sounds interesting right? Skagen Falster 3 comes with the same benefits embedded in it.

Skagen Falster 3
Skagen Falster 3

You can use Google Assistant on It and can perform many tasks while on your running or swimming schedules. Not only this, it allows the user to choose between function and time-based displays, whichever may fit with their style. Also, the person gets the features like charging their watch with a magnetic charger available with the watch.

It comes with Bluetooth v4.2 connections, and an operating system of Google wear OS2.17. Not only this, the watch gives memory storage of 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM with it. The compatibility of the watch goes with both Android as well as with iOS too. It comes with water-resistant features of up to 50 meters of depth.

It looks decent for those who love their watch with a metallic touch. Also, the strap touches the bottom of the watch as well, with three buttons at the corner.

Key Features –

  • Display – AMOLED
  • 390*390 pixels.
  • OLED screen of 1.3” round
  • Microphone, Voice Control
  • 8GB ROM, 1GB RAM
  • 24+ hours battery life

Pros –

  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Battery Saving option
  • Quick Charging
  • Interchangeable bands are supported
  • Rotating crown

Cons –

  • Rotating crown is not compatible in every situation
  • Battery life isn’t sufficient
  • High price
  • Heavy connection issues
  • Wear on iOS looks too laggy and shabby

5. Fossil Gen 5 Garrett HR –

What if your watch asks your phone to beep so that you can find it fast? That is what happens with Fossil Gen 5 Garrett HR. In case you forget things after keeping that in one place, then It is the perfect choice for you.

Fossil Gen 5 Garrett HR

It gives audible alerts to the people, helps them in Google assistant feature usage, call taking facilities, and in receiving smartphone notifications as well. You get a warranty of 2 years with the watch, along with 3 ATM swim-proof designs. It is compatible while jogging for long hours because of its battery backup capacity.

The best feature of the watch is that you can charge it 80% in just an hour. Also, it helps in features like Google Pay, Built-in GPS, Activity Tracking, and Accurate Heart Rate. It comes with the compatibility of Android as well as iOS as well.

It looks bold and eye-capturing at first glance. Also, it comes with a metallic touch in the strap, giving a person better options to settle with.

Key features-

  • AMOLED Display
  • 416*416 pixels
  • Android and iOS
  • 8GB ROM and 1GB RAM
  • Operating System by Google
  • Text, Social Media, Email alerts

Pros –

  • Elegant Look, Leather Band
  • Pop-up buttons
  • Notification, torch, audio control
  • Speaker ad Microphone
  • Light-weighted, relatively thin
  • Large amount of apps
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Supports multiple languages.

Cons –

  • Not sufficient waterproofing
  • Abysmal Battery Life
  • Rotating Crown isn’t so much supportive
  • Occasional Freezes
  • Proprietary Charger

6. Michael Kors, MKT5012 –

If you a swimmer or want to be a swimmer soon then Michael Kors MKT512 will prove as a package of surprises for you. It comes with a water resistance of 100 m, which gives you more freedom to use it in deep water too. It is compatible with both Android as well as with iOS too.

Michael Kors, MKT5012

The watch has another most amazing benefit of having extra cable included with it. It even gives the features of Google assistant, which means you are going to be the boss of your life again.

It comes with features like digital movement and fitness tracking, which is unique on its own. Not just this, the watch also pings the users when a new text/email or any new app notifications pops in. The users of this even get a warranty of 2 years.

It is covered with a silver metallic look, which makes the watch a perfect accessory for every dress and occasion. Also, the screen of the watch looks like a blue sky with thousands of stars. Doesn’t it sound fir for a daydreamer?

Key features-

  • Digital Display
  • 320*290 pixels
  • 1.2 GHz processor speed
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 2-year Warranty
  • LED Screen Type
  • 100 m Water-resistant

Pros –

  • Unique Touches due to MK software
  • Stylish and elegant designs
  • Nice Screen


  • Not so good charger design
  • laggy and insufficient charger design
  • NO GPS or NFC

7. Amazfit, A1612B PACE GPS Running Smartwatch –

Sport is a nice way to lose weight. And also if you’re a fashin-ova then why don’t you give it a try on Amazfit Running smartwatch. It comes with amazing features of steps tracking, heartbeat and blood pressuring tracking and so many others.

Amazfit, A1612B PACE

Also, it comes with dust-free and water-resistant features, which means your sweat won’t be an issue from now on. Also as this wearable is good to go with both Android and iOS, one can have a grab on it without a second thought.

The average battery life of the watch is of 2 days, so bingo to you.

It gives memory storage of 4GB, along with a USB Cable and Amazfit Pace mounting hardware. Not just this, this wearable gives access to connector types of cellular, GPS, and Bluetooth as well. Also with the notification factor, one can be more than happy after adding this asset to one life

If red and black are your favorite then this is something meant for you. The first screen show up of the watch comes with a red and black match going background. The strap also comes with a black outer layer and red inner cover, giving it more details with the front look of the watch.

Key features:

  • 9-axis GPS+GLONASS
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Always-on display
  • 320*300 PIXELS
  • 512 MB RAM, 4GB ROM
  • 2 days’ battery life

Pros –

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Perfect Battery Life
  • Push Notifications
  • Always-on screen
  • Lightweight
  • 3-4 days’ battery backup

Cons –

  • Syncing issues
  • Step counting issues
  • Screen gets hang sometimes
  • Gimmick Sleep Monitor

8. Garmin Forerunner 45 –

Garmin Forerunner 45
Garmin Forerunner 45

Do you consider your safety before everything else? Then don’t stop yourself from purchasing the Garmin Forerunner 45.  With the five-color design screen, the watch bestows an elegant and cheerful look on your waist. Another watch comes with pre-loaded adaptive training plans by the Garmin Caches, it becomes the best option for a shy person too.

Moreover, it comes with incident detectors too it a must-buy gadget. And in case of any danger or accident, you can directly send the location back to your family or friends.

This watch records Heart Beat and Blood Pressure levels accurately. This watch can run up to 7 days in normal smartwatch mode and 13 hours if used in GPS mode.

The slimmer glass screen of this watch makes it irresistibly attractive. Also, the strap comes with tangles of metals bound with two buttons at the end, much smoother at the touch. The decent color selection of this watch goes perfectly with the watch. And because of its amazing dark black and red color options, it allows the person to dress it up with casual as well as formal wear.

Key features –

  • 1.04-inch Color Screen
  • Push notification for calls and messaging apps
  • 50 meters water-resistant

Pros –

  • Accurate GPS
  • Adequate Heart Rate Measurement
  • Color display
  • Nice battery backup
  • Acceptable display size
  • Easy to connect
  • Lightweight and well balanced


  • Slow syncing with the applications
  • Chunky Apps
  • Stops in between after using music player for a long time
  • Battery drains quickly at GPS mode

So, mentioned above are all the best options available in the round-faced smartwatch. You must note down all your need in a watch before going for it and then list down the options available. And finally, go with the wearable best suited for you.



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