Solar Smartwatches

Smartwatches always steal our gaze, especially the ones loaded with extra features that are so skeptical to deny. Undoubtedly, smartwatches always give us aesthetic vibes. Along with performing their old task of telling time, they can now accept calls, calculate steps, and perform many other functions that have indeed won our hearts.

How can we deny that these smartwatches are more capable of functions than we admire them to be? Because of all these power-house of features, the need for better battery life is a more concerning factor than ever.

These embedded features use a lot of battery power and dealing with battery issues is the primary target of reputed brands. I mean, how illogical it would be that your smartwatch discharges itself when you are stuck in long meetings or are about to start a yoga session. The very reason you own a smartwatch goes in vain.

Solar Smartwatches- The Future of Smartwatches

But what if these smartwatches can charge themselves on their own? Solar-Powered smartwatches have turned this dream of yours into reality. Moreover, they work exactly like other smartwatches and also provide you the freedom of relaxing and enjoying.

They recklessly serve all the purposes without interruption like help you answering calls, calculate heartbeats, steps, sleep and stress tracking, and many more. Isn’t it like a one-time investment for a bundle of surprises afterward? They are environment-friendly, reliable, and low maintenance gadgets.

So, how do they work? They use light energy to work. That means you don’t need to get out of your warm blanket to put them into charging. Talking about the finances involved, some of them are budget-friendly too.

Need For A Solar Watch

Now let me discuss some of the real advantages of having such smartwatches.

1. Charging needs just a ray of light

The first and foremost is hassle-free charging requirements. They can charge themselves in any light source, making it clear that you don’t need to put them in sunlight only. They charge themselves easily in the light of fluorescent bulbs, thus awarding themselves with the best reason to buy.

2. Low maintenance

Bingo! You have another benefit of having this kind of smartwatch. As they require low or no maintenance at all, they become the customer’s choice at once. They can easily work for years without any trouble.

3. Longer power reserve

The power capacity of smartwatches under this category varies from brand to brand. But let me give you a quick estimate of their work. They can at least work for 6 months even if you keep it in a dark space, giving a boost to your purchase decision.

4. Long-lasting life of batteries

If you are fond of smartwatches, you must have changed their batteries after every 2 years. But when it comes to these solar-powered solar smartwatches, you don’t need to worry about them for 10 years.

5. Saves the environment

As you have already read the above point, you must have understood that there will be less damaged batteries disposed of in the environment. This gives our environment more freedom to win over pollution.

How Does A Solar-Powered Smartwatch Work?

Now after all of this, How about a trip to the working of these smartwatches? Tight up your seatbelts and dive into the technology used. Their solar panel is fixed exactly after the screen which is responsible for collecting the light energies. The solar unit hence converts all the light energies falling into it to electric energy.

As these solar panel units are connected with rechargeable batteries, they store all the energies for later use. Unlike any other dry battery, these rechargeable ones are far better and efficient. Also, if you keep these smartwatches under a table lamp or a light bulb, it will become a boom for them. Even if you are a job person, you can put it on your table making it visible to the light and thus giving it another chance to recharge itself.

Moving forward, Do you have any idea who launched the first Solar Smartwatch? Any guesses? It was by a company named “LUNAR”. Recently, GARMIN has expanded its catalog of solar-powered watches. The latest  -new Instinct Solar and Fenix 6 Pro Solar smartwatches under this category are stylish and elegant pieces with a super comfortable price tag.

Last but not the least, this kind of smartwatches has proved itself as the best modern gadgets for humankind. Moreover, this wearable has proved as the most important shopping choice for fitness lovers. It has also become one of the popular gadgets for working men & women, as it allows them to move on without cellphones.

This has proved as a small yet one-time kind of purchase for the present world with a lot of features bounded with it. So if you are planning a mountain hike or any other outdoor activity, be rest assured that the solar-powered smartwatch would be the best companion.


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