Do you want to release yourself from the tension of carrying your mobile everywhere?

Now with the built-in esim technology, you don’t have to carry your smartwatch and smartphone everywhere. All you need is a smartwatch with a digital SIM card.

The esim feature will let you attend calls, reply to messages, and check other important notifications without the need for a smartphone.

What is E-SIM?


E-sim (Embedded SIM) works as a regular sim, however, there is no physical card involved So, with an E-SIM you no longer need to insert a new plastic card with a hardware chip to access telecom services. This not only eliminates the need for a SIM tray but also provides many other benefits.

Such watches with e-sim facilities are highly mobile, and their small size makes them absolutely invisible, which means safer to carry along. Wrap this standalone device around your wrist and add style to your boring lifestyle.

One thing you should know is that esim is not a physical card, and it needs a carrier. You can make this programmable card work by choosing a suitable carrier.

Best e-Sim Smartwatches

Have a look at my 5 best esim smartwatch picks that are ideal for you. If this is your first time buying a smartwatch, make it fascinating with this guide.

1# Samsung Gear S3 Frontier LTE

Gear S3 is no doubt the most exclusive iteration to Samsung smartwatches, with a classic watch face.

Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Moreover, the water-resistant and durable stainless-steel material of this newest Samsung smartwatch edition makes it highly efficient.

Its rotating bezel gives the watch a fancy look. What’s more to this?

Its microphone feature and 5.5-inch display make it feasible for you to respond easily through the speakers. In contrast to other watches, its battery stays up for a long time.

2# Apple Watch Series 5

This 5th iteration of the Apple Watch series turned out to be a tremendous success.

Apple Watch Series 5

Its intuitive interface design works beautifully in sync with its responsive touch feature. Besides it, its heart rate and fitness tracker sensors take it to a new level.

With its Esim feature, there is no need for you to carry a mobile along with you. It comes in a range of colors, decide the one that compliments your personality.

You can charge it wirelessly and its battery works for 2 days altogether. However, it is not affordable by all due to its expensive price range.

3# Apple Watch Series 3

Unlike the last 2 smartwatches, this one is a top pick for everyone who longs to buy a smartwatch. Even with its low-price range, it has many eminent features.

Apple Watch Series 3

One above all is that it comes in two forms: GPS and a cellular form.

With its sleek design and water resistance, you can make the most out of it. Make and receive phone calls and messages by talking to your wrist, which was a thing of fantasy in the past. Also, you can keep track of your exercise, and heart rate.

Apart from that, its expansive retina display is way safe and healthier for your eyes which makes it incompetent in the market.

4# Samsung Gear S2

With the charm of its elegant style, beating all other smartwatches including its predecessors Samsung gear S2 scores the ground.

Samsung Gear S2

People simply love this attractive model of smartwatch due to its enticing characteristics.

A feature that adds to its accessibility is its rotating bezel, which is also known as its signature feature. Give your outlook a personalized touch by wrapping this watch around your wrist and add class to your outfit.

This watch can be your fitness companion. On top of that, it has 4GB of internal memory and 516 MB of RAM.

5# Huawei Watch 2

This watch is a must-wear for anyone who yearns for smartwatches. The esim variant of this watch lets you access 4G apps along with calls and messages.

Huawei Watch 2

Its vibrant color range and the chunky circular design make it customers’ first preference.

It has a built-in sports mode, fitness tracking, and a heart rate monitor. The built-in GPS and sweat-proof silicone strap make it more competent than its predecessor.

With its dual microphone and google assistance, you can do almost anything hands-free. While being on standby mode, this watch can work well for 48 hours in total.

6# Amazfit Verge 2

The next best smartwatch with E-sim support is the Amazefit Verge 2.

Amazfit Verge 2

This Chinese smartwatch is powered by the 1.1 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 2500 SoC.

This watch comes with a 1.39 inch AMOLED touchscreen display with 512 MB of RAM and 4 GB ROM. It has a 4G Esim volte support.

This watch can automatically track 10 sports mode. It has a Bluetooth version 4.2, a speaker, and a microphone for calling purposes. It is a water and dust resistant watch with IP 68 Rating.

Wrap Up

These are the leading smartwatches in the market. What are you waiting for go and get yourself the one that complements your personality? No doubt the best of all is the Apple Watch Series 4. Surely it dwells on the best interface, but it’s out of a normal person’s reach.

Don’t work yourself out and go for the other watches I picked out for you. All watches are the master of their own unique and eminent features. All these are scratch-resistant, waterproof and above all provide good health care features which makes them the best choice for you.


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