Kospet Magic 2S Review

Kospet is a professional smartwatch manufacturer that was founded in the year 2014. It has produced several smartwatches with a budget price and a stylish design. Today, we are going to discuss yet another budget-friendly smartwatch by Kospet with full of features and great quality.

Kospet Magic 2S is reviewed as the best watch on online sites in the economy Chinese smartwatch category. The thing about Chinese smartwatches is they over promise and under deliver. But, this is not the case with the Kospet Magic 2S smartwatch. The features of this smartwatch are exceptional. They have not to promise rocket science but delivered what they have specified. So, if you want to know more about this watch and how it performs just keep reading.

Design and Display


The Kospet Magic 2S has a new design. It is now much more professional looking compared to the first version which aligned more on minimalist style. It has two physical buttons that are now much pronounced. The watch has a metal body while the strap is made up of silicon making it lightweight at only 60 grams.

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The Kospet Magic 2S smartwatch comes with a 1.3 inch round HD display with a screen resolution of 360 X 360 pixels. The display is protected by a 2.5D curved glass and allows you to check all the information even at an angle of 178 degrees. The dimension of this round-shape smartwatch is 55 X 45 X 8 mm. the visibility of the display is very clear even under direct sunlight.

Bluetooth Synchronization

The Kospet Magic 2S smartwatch has Bluetooth 5.0 support through which you can connect your smartphone.

This feature will allow you to transmit data at a faster rate from your smartwatch to the smartphone and vice versa.

Call and Message Reminders

There is no need to keep your smartphone nearby to ready the messages or to see who is calling you. This watch allows you to read messages and get notifications directly from social media apps with a vibration alert. Never miss an update when this watch is on your wrists. This watch brings more convenience to your life.

Multiple Modes

sports mode in Kospet 2S Smartwatch
40 sports mode in Kospet 2S Smartwatch

The Kospet Magic 2S smartwatch supports 40 sports modes so Sports lovers will love this watch. So don’t worry anymore when you have this smartwatch on your wrist. It supports multiple sports activities like indoor cycling, outdoor cycling, walking, billiards, stair sports, rugby, tennis, golf, badminton, and much more. You can also synchronize all the data to your phone to keep a record of your activities. You can also monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, calorie consumption, blood pressure, etc.


Waterproof smartwatch
Kospet 2S is the cheapest waterproof smartwatch

The Kospet Magic 2S smartwatch is IP67 certified dust and water-resistant smartwatch. So, there is no need to worry about sweat, rain, and swimming. You can select the swim mode on the watch to see your achievements in this activity.

It is one of the cheapest waterproof smartwatches available in the market.

However, it is not recommended to immerse this watch in hot water, saltwater, saunas, or deep water that is more than 3ATM deep.


This watch has a 200 mAh high-capacity battery. The watch claims to have 30 days of standby time and can last up to 7 days with typical usage. So you don’t have to worry anymore if you forgot your charger at your home. The smartwatch takes approximately 2 hours to charge completely from zero to a hundred.

Large Memory

The Kospet Magic 2S smartwatch comes with a large 128m flash memory. The large memory allows for a smoother operation. It will also allow you to install multiple languages, multiple sports modes, multiple watch faces without the issue of lagging. When compared with similar products of its generation, this watch runs smoother than any other watch.

Other Features

The watch comes with a smart alarm clock where it makes a gentle vibration on your wrist to wake you up without disturbing anyone else. The watch allows you to click photos from your smartphone just with a single shake of your wrist. No matter where you are, this feature always comes in handy to capture the perfect moment of your life.

The watch supports 30 watch faces which you can change according to your mood. It has sensors for sleep monitoring, pedometer, sedentary reminder, stopwatch, notification push, countdown, etc

The Verdict

The watch comes with 2 free straps which can be changed easily. The stylish design and long battery life add more value to this watch. The overall performance of this watch is very good which makes it easier to recommend. If you are looking for a smartwatch with a bunch of features under $26, then this would be the perfect watch to buy.


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