Kospet magic 3 Review

Kospet is one of the leading Chinese brands in the market of smartwatches. This company has become famous after launching Kospet Prime 2, which was a big hit. After launching Kospet Magic 2S a few months ago, this company has developed a new Kospet Magic 3. The Apple smartwatch inspired the design of this smartwatch.

Kospet Magic 3 Review
Kospet Magic 3

It consists of all the features one can need on this day in a smartwatch at a very minimal price.

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This article is all about this smartwatch. I will share the pricing and availability and features, and pros and cons with you about Kospet Magic 3. So, let’s start.

Pricing and availability-

This smartwatch is very affordable, and the price is $33. You can buy this smartwatch from any reputed online shopping site.

It currently has 3 strap color options which are black, blue, and pink. However, the price may vary depending on the model you choose and the site you buy from.

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Kospet Magic 3 has a whole bunch of exciting features at a minimal cost. Let’s jump into its features.

Body & Design:

Body & Design

The Apple smartwatch inspires the creation of this smartwatch. It has a rectangular frame like we see in some of the recent apple smartwatches.

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Here the frame is made out of high-quality metal, which is very durable. It has two buttons on the side for power on and off. At this low price, it has an elegant look.

This smartwatch comes with a 22 mm detachable silicone strap in 3 very vibrant colors. It is a very lightweight and comfortable smartwatch.


Kospet Magic 3 Display

Kospet Magic 3 has a 1.71 IPS screen with a 2.5 D curved screen. It comes with 280 * 320-pixel resolution with is good in this price range.

The screen has narrow sides. For that, the actual display area is quite large. The color sharpness is also excellent and would not bother you under the bright sunlight.

Core features:

Kospet Magic 3 comes with a built-in chip of nRF52840 for faster data speed and processing. It also comes with 64 kb RAM and 128 M ROM.


The Kospet Magic 3 consists of excellent battery quality and comes with a capacity of 220 mAh.

It will give you 7 days of long battery life in normal mode and 35 days of battery life in standby mode. It takes 2 hours to be charged fully in a magnetic charge cable.

Other Features:

Watch Faces:

Kospet Magic 3 comes with many pre-installed faces in it, and you can easily switch them just by long-pressing the home screen.

You can also change looks with the Da Fit app, and then you can have access to more than 50 watch faces. You can also customize the face background with your photos.

Water resistivity:

This smartwatch comes with IP68 water resistivity. That means it can be used while washing your hands or on a rainy day.

However, it would be best if you avoided swimming or holding it under hot water or saltwater to prevent any long or minor damage. But overall, the water resistivity is suitable based on daily use.

Health and fitness features:

Oxygen sensor in Kospet Magic smartwatch

Kospet Magic 3 has many exciting health and fitness features. It has 30 various sports modules, including running, jogging, cycling, tennis, rugby, baseball, basketball, mountaineering, skiing, bowling, and many more.

The watch also comes with a 24-hour heart rate monitor, sleep monitoring. You also get the blood oxygen saturation monitor, which is a must in every smartwatch. That’s not all. You will also find a calorie counter, Pedometer, etc. This smartwatch also has BlueTooth 5.0 connectivity to listen to your favorite songs.

Notification panel:

It has an alarm, stopwatch, reminders, calendar, remote control to the camera, and call and message notification. You can also customize your messages to send information from specific apps like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WeChat, etc.

App connectivity:

the Kospet Magic 3 has Da Fit app connectivity with any Android or iOS device. You can customize notifications and faces with this app. This app shows you monthly or daily data of your workout or fitness. In a word, this app will increase the mobility of your smartwatch with advanced technology.

So, these are the features of the Kospet Magic 3 smartwatch. Now, I am going to discuss the pros and cons of this smartwatch.

Pros and cons


  • Comes with multiple sports modes.
  • You get a good value for money.
  • The design is premium and robust.


  • This smartwatch does not support Bluetooth calling, GPS, and NFC.
  • It also does not have a blood pressure monitor.


So, this is all about the Kospet Magic 3 smartwatch. According to my this is the best smartwatch available in the market in this price range. But I think before buying this smartwatch, please consider the feature along with its cons. I hope this information will help you to understand this smartwatch better.



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